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As has been noted before, Arizona contains enough photogenic scenery that even I get a nice photo now and then. Here’s one that has been manipulated a bit into a nice abstract background for blogs or program windows.

This was taken at the Bryce-Thompson Arboretum in Florence Arizona in the Autumn of 2010. The photo originated as a snapshot of a rock covered with a bluish-gray lichen and a rather bright green moss. Not sure how this stuff survives here – it didn’t appear to be irrigated in any way and it was covering lots of different rocks.

Anyway, after a few simple manipulations in PhotoShop, I ended up with the image you see. Here’s a smaller sized version:

Snow in Tucson

It’s pretty rare for photos to be included on this blog. But it’s even rarer to see snow here in Tucson. So here are a few pics of what we woke up to this morning.

Snow-Covered Palms at the Side of our House

Snow-Covered Palms at the Side of our House

Our palm trees are not really used to this!

If you’re a golf fan, you are probably aware that the Accenture Golf Tournament is being played here. This is a view over toward the town of Marana. The golf tournament is (supposed to be) played near the southern end (on your left) of those mountains.

View towards the town of Marana

View over our back fence towards the town of Marana Arizona

Even the chlorinator frog in our pool has a snow hat.
Chlorinator pool frog with a hat of snow

Chlorinator pool frog with a hat of snow.

Strange days.