Monthly Archives: May 2015

No More Disqus

Man, I am so fed up with companies that insist on tracking me. Disqus has a great commenting system. Great features. Widely used.

But they track you, building a pretty detailed profile, which they sell. They do it me and you if you comment on this site. Without telling either of us. So, Disqus is out.

ssh Cleverness

Just a quick note about using SSH. Recently I had to wipe and re-install Ubuntu. (More on that later.) That meant my ssh private key was wiped as well. In order to replace it, I copied the file from a Windows machine onto my newly installed Linux partition.

When I tried to log into some of my other servers, ssh gave me a warning about lax permissions and refused to log in without my password. Very clever. I never even thought to check the permissions of the file I copied over.

Setting the correct permissions:

chmod 600 ~/.ssh/id_rsa

fixed the problem.